Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hermes Created A $2 Million Solid Gold Handbag

The Financial Times reports that Hermes, which already produces the world’s most expensive functional handbags, the Kelly and the Birkin, enlisted the help of jeweler and shoemaker Pierre Hardy to create the new bags. The goal was to render the house’s famous handbags in precious materials, and Hardy did exactly that — the house has released a photo of a solid gold Kelly bag, complete with a diamond studded handle (there are over 1,600 of the stones on the bag) and a pattern that mimics crocodile skin.
But even though it seems like a fool’s errand to even make these products — the bags are small so as not to be so heavy that it would be uncomfortable for the owner to carry them around — they’re going to get made. There are four versions, and each one will only be produced three times. Given their limited production and their precious materials, it almost makes sense that Hermes is selling them for €1.5 million — almost $2 million at current exchange.

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